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Global Knowledge provides training and technological education to the employees of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. During 2014 I lead the user experience effort to completely redesign this website. Areas of improvement focused on rearchitecting the information architecture; streamlining coarse searching, purchasing, and checkout; and expanding the sites internationalization capabilities to accommodate 100 countries and 11 different languages.

Key problems solved

My Role

Heuristic Review

The Global Knowledge enrollment and check-out process was complicated and confusing for users, leading to a high abandonment rate at the finish line. Global Knowledge had high-quality content and services that were difficult to find. To help Global Knowledge understand more fully the user experience issues that were plaguing their site, I conducted a thorough expert review of the entire site (25 pages) detailing every major UX issue.

User Profiles

In order to create the best experience, personas were needed to build a shared understanding of who the users are and which users were the most important.

Credits: Persona workshop conducted by Glenwood Morris

Information Architecture

Next, our UX team began to tackle the information architecture (IA) of the main website and MyGK customer portal. We conducted multiple card sorting activities including onsite moderated stakeholder workshops as well as user-based online unmoderated card sorting. The data generated from these sessions helped informed the appropriate grouping and naming of elements in the IA and is reflected in the IA maps and diagrams shown below.

Concepting & Sketching

Once the IA was mapped out, we began imagining in more detail what the various pages should look like. The following images show iterations on course detail pages, check-out flows and various ways of browsing course content.

Credits: Co-designed with Glenwood Morris and Ryan Wolper

Interaction Design

Detailed wireframes and process flows were created to help team members understand the user paths and complexity of some of the interactions. We spent a lot of time iterating on micro-interactions regarding the shopping cart and check-out process.

Credits: Co-designed with Ryan Wolper


Credits: Visual design and front-end development by Mark Riggan
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