Online Appointment Scheduling

FollowMyHealth is a patient engagement solution with over 15 million patient users. Patients rely on FollowMyHealth to deliver meaningful connectivity to their personal health information. During my time at Allscripts, I led all UX initiatives across both patient-facing and administrative platforms. This case study shows the creation of an online appointment scheduling solution.

Sunrise Patient Record

Sunrise Patient Record manages the entire legal patient record life cycle, from data collection to delivery and billing as the patient moves from admission to discharge. I lead the redesign effort of this product which completely reimagined how the user's completed tasks and interacted with the UI resulting in tremendous usability gains and highly satisfied users.

Diabetes Research Kit

The diabetes Apple ResearchKit App was designed to help patients manage their type 2 diabetes. Insights to the patient would be delivered from predictive algorithms in an easy to understand user interface that would help create self-awareness about the patient's own diabetic disease trajectory. When Apple got wind of what we were up to, they invited our team to Cupertino, CA to meet with their Chief Medical Officer.

Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge provides training and technological education to the employees of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. During 2014 I lead the user experience effort to completely redesign this website. Areas of improvement focused on rearchitecting the information architecture; streamlining coarse searching, purchasing, and checkout; and expanding the sites internationalization capabilities to accommodate 100 countries and 11 different languages.


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