Concepting / Storytelling

2020 Citrix Industry Analyst Vision

Citrix brings together industry analysts for a week-long conference to share product vision and strategy every year. Just three weeks before the meeting, I led the effort to create the Citrix Workspace vision across the Product, Engineering, and Design teams.

Our goal was to tell the story of how Workspace could empower employees to do their best work using the features in Workspace across both mobile and desktop platforms. First, I led the team to define the main character of our story and create the script that allowed us to stitch all the features together in an inspiring and realistic way.

This was a workshop I conducted to hash out the final list of features we were comfortable showing in the vision. Representatives from Product, Engineering, Design, Research, and Marketing all participated.

Working with the Citrix Brand and Marketing team, we hired an actor to play our main character, and I art-directed the photoshoot where we captured key moments in the experience.

Delivered as a PowerPoint, the final version was fully animated using native PowerPoint functionality. This ensured the easy portability of the vision and allowed the presenter to easily present the concept at a pace appropriate to the speaker and context. Watch the video above to see the complete vision.

Citrix Go Concept

Concepts and visions can be created using a range of fidelity. Citrix Go is a concept vision I led with a small engineering too communicate new search functionality in Workspace. The vision only took a few days to produce and was a low budget way to get the idea out into the open for others across the company to evaluate.


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