Sunrise Patient Record

Sunrise Patient Record is one of many tools used to manage the patient record. It is used primarily for converting workflows that involve paper into digital records. Therefore, significant portions of the application deal with scanning documents and assigning those documents to the correct patients and their corresponding visits.

The Sunrise Patient Record team came to the UX team because they were long overdue for a redesign. Many users disliked the current solution because it was slow and clunky and the workflows didn't match their way of working. As you'll see in the examples below, we were able to offer them a more efficient and enjoyable user experience.

Key problems solved

My Role

User Profiles

Knowing that the Sunrise Patient Record team wanted to do things the right way and follow the full user-centered design process, we began by identifying their users through a series of user profile workshops with their stakeholders.

Contextual Research

Next, we conducted on-site contextual research of a Health Information Management (HIM) team. This research was centered around learning how users completed bulk scanning tasks. As you can see from the images below, observing how users not only interacted with the software, but how they moved the paper from station to station, checked the quality of the scans, and communicated to each other gave us a tremendous amount of knowledge and empowered us to make better design decisions.

Download the full report

Map of the HIM department bulk-scanning work area

Measurable Usability Goals (MUGs)

Measurable Usability Goals (MUGs) were an important step in the Allscripts UCD process. These goals refer to the product’s performance in terms of interaction with the user during end-user tasks, or in providing information to the user.

In order to fully leverage MUGs, it was critical to identify, define, and record them as early on in the development process as possible. These are usability specific goals that are necessary to achieve success for the product.

Interaction Design

I spent a lot of time leading co-design sessions with other designers, developers, and stakeholders in this project. Below are just a few of the artifacts that were created during these sessions. Naturally, as ideas become more formed, I moved to create wireframes.

Workflow Benchmarking

In order to test the efficiency of a workflow, I sometimes use an app called CogTool. CogTool was developed by graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University's human factors and computer science program.

CogTool is helpful because it automatically evaluates your design with a predictive human performance model. For example, it does handy things like count clicks, estimates cognitive load and time on task. For Sunrise Patient Record, we used CogTool to benchmark the current UI and workflows. We would then use it later to compare new designs and ensure we were meeting our measurable usability goals.


Sunrise Patient Record utilized the Allscripts Product Styleguide. I applied the styleguide to the design and created detailed screens documenting interactions and workflows. Designs specs were shared with developers via Zeplin after final approval from stakeholders.

Usability Testing

Of course usability testing was one the most important tools we used during our iterative design process. This is one example of many highly interactive Axure prototypes that I created for testing with users.

I am really excited about this!

— Susie Vansteel

Director Health Information Management At Corpus Christi Medical Center


Our redesign was well received during usability testing. As you can see from the results below, we drastically improved the efficiency and usability of this application.

48% Faster

Reduced avg. task time from 40.8 seconds to 21.8 seconds

66% Less clicks

Reduced clicks from 32 to 11 for reassigning a record in Chart Explorer

44% Easier to use

Improved System Usability Scale (SUS) ratings from 52 to 81.5


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