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Design Operations & Process

Product Branding and Design Language Vision

When Citrix launched its new brand in 2020, it was critical that design language of our entire product portfolio embraced the new identity. I lead the effort to translate the new Citrix brand into a product design vision. I worked across the entire Citrix portfolio to ensure the new design language was articulated across all Citrix Products. Below, is a website the team launched to document our work and capture the vision and future direction of Citrix products.

Visit the Citrix Design Vision Website

UX Resource Website

UX Live is an internal website that I worked with our team to create. It makes it easy for all Allscripts employees to access UX resources. It gives users access to our styleguide and design system, provides information on our UX trainings, and has a persona library made up of over 50 profiles that users can browse and download.

Team Culture, Strategy and Mentoring

Team Planning and Bonding

One of my top priorities after starting at Oracle Bronto was to help the team bond. At the time, our team had already more than doubled in size and it was important that our team members had the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the office. Our team planning event helped us do this. We spent the first half of the day at one of our team member's home where we had breakfast and played a few rounds of "What do You Meme" to break the ice.

Then we transitioned into our team planning and strategy session where we brainstormed around six different areas: Challenges, Aspirations, Focus Areas, Guiding Principles, Activities, and Measures. Brainstorming on each of these topics and discussing all the ideas as a group helped create a shared vision for the team and ensured that we would move forward with greater unity. After we finished our brainstorm, we went out for a team lunch and spent the rest of the day throwing axes at Urban Axes in Durham.

I've used this method successfully at Allscripts too, and find it to be a good activity to conduct once a year with the teams I've lead.


Mentoring is extremely important to me. During the course of my life, I've been fortunate to have had some incredible mentors. Over the past 5 years, I've made it a priority to pass on what I've learned by mentoring individuals across all levels of User Experience from new college grads, to those transitioning from a different career, to experienced UXers looking to take their skills to the next level. I usually try to mentor anywhere between 2-4 individuals at any given time. Below you'll find a few of the individuals I've had the pleasure of mentoring.

Training & Presentations

Allscripts User Centered Design Training

Training has been another avenue that we've used to help elevate UX maturity at Allscripts. during my time at Allscripts Ross and I trained almost 800 people. Several modalities were developed to accommodate different teams. Some teams benefit more from an overview e.g. developers, while others benefit from a more in-depth how-to instruction e.g. business analyst, product managers, etc. The more in-depth offering is generally given in person over two days, while the overview only takes about 4 hours.

One of the key points we make in the training is that User Centered Design is not new or something that we made up. It's an established practice used in many industries and companies. We created a parody slide that makes it look like my co-presenter, Ross Teague and I actually wrote the book on user-centered design.

UX Initiatives

UX Hero Awards

The Allscripts UX team business model is similar to that of an agency or consultancy. None of us are fully embedded with a single product team. We work on projects as needed and think of internal product teams at Allscripts as our "clients". Since our team is small, we often look for UX minded people on the teams we work with. Over the years, we've noticed that some of the individuals we work with really go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to participating and leading UX activities.

Noticing this, I realized that it would be good for us to recognize some of these individuals. Not only would the recognition feel good for the person receiving it, but it would also be a chance to help make UX more visible at Allscripts. The Allscripts UX Super Hero Award was born. I found a company that was able to create action figures in the same likeness as the recipients. Each action figure comes with a head 3d printed to match the recipient's head/face. I designed custom packaging to help brand the award. The award was given out once a quarter and is a featured story on the Allscripts' intranet and emailed to all employees. Overall it's a very visible and unique award that really stands out and is highly desired. It's one of many techniques I use to help boost our visibility and help more people be aware of UX.

Empathy Campaign

Another initiative that I lead involved helping Allscripts employees have more empathy for our end-users. To accomplish this we created empathy posters which were loosely based on the UX concept of an empathy map. The idea of the posters is that the viewer can learn all the things that the end-user is seeing, hearing and thinking. The content of these posters was generated by interviewing 3-4 people of each user group (i.e. nurses, surgeons, etc.). The posters have been well received and they are hanging in nearly all of Allscripts' corporate offices around the world.

Credits: Visual design by Jeri-lynn Gehr

Our empathy campaign also folded into our World Usability Day activities. As part of World Usability Day, the Allscripts team created interactive exhibits. Employees from Allscripts could choose from a variety of activities that helped them learn and even feel what it was like to be one of our users.

Credits: World Usability Day planning by LaTosca Goodwin


When I began at Allscripts, the onboarding experience was less than desirable. It was confusing and difficult to find the information I needed and felt cold and corporate in nature. I treated my on-boarding experience like any other experience I would seek to improve and created a more personalized experience that made all new hires feel more informed, special, and most importantly, welcome.

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