Hello, my name is Keith Heustis.

I'm a user experience leader with 15 years of design and research experience. I excel at leading design teams that help organizations create compelling experiences, and build profitable solutions.

Leadership & Management

I love growing and optimizing design teams that can deliver profitable enterprise solutions. Check out some of the ways that I've exercised my leadership to creatively increase UX maturity, build design teams and empower others to make great user experiences.
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Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge provides training and technological education to the employees of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. During 2014 I lead the user experience effort to completely redesign this website. Areas of improvement focused on rearchitecting the information architecture; streamlining coarse searching, purchasing, and checkout; and expanding the sites internationalization capabilities to accommodate 100 countries and 11 different languages.
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A patient engagement solution that has a user base of over 15 million people and growing. Patients rely on FollowMyHealth to deliver meaningful connectivity to their personal health information. Over the past four years, I've lead various initiatives aimed at improving the user experience for FollowMyHealth users.
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